I Know How You Feel, I’ve Felt The Same Way…

I Know How You Feel, I’ve Felt The Same Way

Feeling lost, like life is passing you by, and you know there’s got to be more than this? Not sure on which direction to take? When we shift our energy and give attention to those things that we love, and have true meaning to us, we begin to tap into the passion in our life. This transformation will lead to new opportunities, setting into motion your ability to attract new people, places and things that support your true calling, and will change your life.

Want to break free from living by default and learn to be in the driver’s seat of your life? Donna shares inspirational and empowering stories and wisdom about living a meaningful, passionate life on her blog. Donna is a contributing expert on SelfGrowth.com and has a weekly radio show, A Woman’s Path to Consciousness on Contact Talk Radio and a podcast on WebTalkRadio.Net. You’ll hear thought-provoking stories, ideas, tools and lessons from interviews and conversations with authors, teachers and  industry experts who are empowering themselves and others to live a conscious life. All shows are always online, easily accessible and can be downloaded on ITunes.

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Donna can work with you in person, via phone, or Skype with clients across the U.S. and Canada. She offers fun and interactive workshops at your home, place of work, organization, school or church.


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